Lost in Ubuntu

If you have an old laptop, one way to still make it useful is to install Linux. And if you use Windows now, you’ll probably want to install Ubuntu. We have an old HP laptop and I installed Ubuntu on it in November. Then we left the laptop sit…and we forgot the password. Two ways… Continue reading Lost in Ubuntu


Should you blog? Should you post? Should you like? I am a big fan of Professor Cal Newport’s ideas about work and how to use technology properly. He has never had a social media account, but rather has how own website, https://www.calnewport.com/. Rather than limiting himself to Twitter’s 140 characters or posting something jejune on… Continue reading Blogging

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Still Teleworking

If you are reading this, then it’s been 22 months since I first started teleworking. If you would have asked me in early 2020 if I would like to work from home, I would have said, “Sure, why not? Sounds nice. What, me worry?” After having worked from home for the majority of the last… Continue reading Still Teleworking

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When I was younger, one of my favorite websites to waste time on was Lifehacker’s “This is How I Work.” Even now, searching for that link, I am starting to get sidetracked looking at all the great authors and what type of laptop they use. I am pulled by the notion of, “if I just… Continue reading Mastery

The Archer’s Paradox

The archery club in Washington, D.C. meets Saturdays at a park in Derwood, Maryland. I used to think I was a good archer until I met up with the club before Christmas 2021. I have been shooting arrows since I was in elementary school, but haven’t really started to study the craft of archery until… Continue reading The Archer’s Paradox

Hello world…again

This is my first post on my new hosting platform. I tried to clean up some pages on my site and found out that my former platform, www.wordpress.com, has several limitations it places on its bloggers. So I transferred my hosting to A2. Short version: if you want full control over your site, host it… Continue reading Hello world…again