Lost in Ubuntu

If you have an old laptop, one way to still make it useful is to install Linux. And if you use Windows now, you’ll probably want to install Ubuntu. We have an old HP laptop and I installed Ubuntu on it in November. Then we left the laptop sit…and we forgot the password. Two ways… Continue reading Lost in Ubuntu

Hello world…again

This is my first post on my new hosting platform. I tried to clean up some pages on my site and found out that my former platform, www.wordpress.com, has several limitations it places on its bloggers. So I transferred my hosting to A2. Short version: if you want full control over your site, host it… Continue reading Hello world…again

Gear I use every day

I know this type of post has been done ad infinitum, ad nauseum, and ad myriadium, but here goes nonetheless. Coffee: I’ve been using my Aeropress almost daily for just under two years. The labels have worn off and sometimes I wonder if pouring boiling hot water in a plastic tube is the best for… Continue reading Gear I use every day

Happy New year

Happy new year…hope you have a great night and pleasant morning.

Space Force

It took about a year and a half since President Trump announced the sixth branch of the armed services to be the Space Force, but as of yesterday the Space Force is here. Four months ago saw the recreation of the 11th combatant command, the US Space Command, headed by Gen John “Jay” Raymond. This… Continue reading Space Force

Instant pot bread

Crusty Instant Pot Sourdough Bread Super Easy Instant Pot Yogurt I truly appreciate the two instant pots we have in our kitchen.  A month ago I made instant pot “sourdough” bread with wheat bread and yogurt with just milk and yogurt.  The wheat bread tasted slightly gummy and it was enjoyable with the soup we… Continue reading Instant pot bread

Jiu jitsu

I’ve started training/playing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!  I took the plunge on 5 July and have been going 3-6 times per week since then, excluding when I am out of town.  My primary class has been 0515 MWF, which really serves as a better wake-up than coffee.  Recently I earned my second stripe on my white belt,… Continue reading Jiu jitsu


For those of you that use Xubuntu, apparently the “start button” (Thank you, Windows 95…” is called the Whisker menu. Somehow I lost mine and couldn’t figure how to get it back. The answer.