J.D. Roth recently wrote about his journey to finally use a password manager for his old and weak passwords. I know what this is like as I used a (password protected!) spreadsheet to track my passwords for years, which kept track of passwords that I generated when I was a teenager. I use Lastpass which… Continue reading Cybersecurity?

Failure: Get Some

I am a goal oriented person. I set fitness goals, financial goals, nutrition goals, goals for sleep, and (near-term) goals for my kids. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to the realization that most goals move from the linear progression to step progression. So rather than every event or every day being a “step in… Continue reading Failure: Get Some

Squat elbow bicep pain

I have been experiencing left elbow and bicep pain when I squat over 300 since last spring. I think I found the reason why: Thank goodness I found Coach Niki Sims post!