When I was younger, one of my favorite websites to waste time on was Lifehacker’s “This is How I Work.” Even now, searching for that link, I am starting to get sidetracked looking at all the great authors and what type of laptop they use. I am pulled by the notion of, “if I just… Continue reading Mastery

The Archer’s Paradox

The archery club in Washington, D.C. meets Saturdays at a park in Derwood, Maryland. I used to think I was a good archer until I met up with the club before Christmas 2021. I have been shooting arrows since I was in elementary school, but haven’t really started to study the craft of archery until… Continue reading The Archer’s Paradox

Gear I use every day

I know this type of post has been done ad infinitum, ad nauseum, and ad myriadium, but here goes nonetheless. Coffee: I’ve been using my Aeropress almost daily for just under two years. The labels have worn off and sometimes I wonder if pouring boiling hot water in a plastic tube is the best for… Continue reading Gear I use every day


I am a creature of routine.  The older I get, the more I crave order in my morning, gym, and bedtime routine.  An Art of Manliness podcast introduced me to the concept of shark habits and pirate maps.  Shark habits are “one bite and done” activities that get put on autopilot so we don’t have… Continue reading routine