Hello world…again

This is my first post on my new hosting platform. I tried to clean up some pages on my site and found out that my former platform, www.wordpress.com, has several limitations it places on its bloggers. So I transferred my hosting to A2. Short version: if you want full control over your site, host it yourself. Rather than hosting it on WordPress dot com. You’ll likely work harder but pay less.

So this week I’ve been remapping the domain name server (DNS) hosting and the mailbox routing in my host’s DNS records. I know, I know, it sounds much more fun than it is.

It is like anything else: if you want to fully own your creative process, you can do that, but with the cost of learning more about what you are doing and the esoteric details of managing your craft.

If you are wanting to disconnect from platforms that own your data, start your own blog. Own your narrative and your content.

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