As many other people around the country are experiencing, I am teleworking and my kids are teleschooling. This means that in between Microsoft Teams calls and teleconferences I get to play IT helpdesk and system administrator. Unfortunately my home only has one operating coaxial connection (no thank you splitters!) so I purchased the TP Link Deco M9 Plus from Costco to extend my wi-fi network across the (quinquagenarian) home. Thankfully the Deco app is very easy to use.

Until one decides to setup Parent Controls. Pro tip: if you work for a school’s IT department setting up blocked websites, you might have forgotten Cool Math Games. The games on this site are essentially bubble-gum video games for kids, under the guise of learning math. So I setup a kids profile to block this site and any accidental searches for malicious content. Adding the specific devices was tricky, as Chromebooks don’t necessarily give you the computer name. You can find the network ID or MAC address, which will show up in the Deco app under Connected Devices. Here’s a link to help find the devices connected to your home network that I found helpful.

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