I recently had a discussion with another officer about the value of work and the hours we spend in the office. This is relevant now as we spend most of our time working from home and finding balance between the activities done at work, those done at home, and the driving in between

The main points I brought up:

  • Why is the 40 hour work week a standard? Can we be more effective in shorter hours?
  • Related: Seth Godin’s book Linchpin discusses how modern public school is a model to get people working in a factory, not be successful or happy
  • What can we learn about effectiveness from Vilfredo Pareto?
  • Naval Ravikant thinks humans should be more like lions rather than cattle to achieve deep focus
  • Cal Newport makes the case for deep work versus shallow tasks
  • What happens if you turn off artificial light at sundown?
  • Did humans always sleep in eight consecutive hours?

Question your assumptions.

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