I’ve started training/playing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!  I took the plunge on 5 July and have been going 3-6 times per week since then, excluding when I am out of town.  My primary class has been 0515 MWF, which really serves as a better wake-up than coffee.  Recently I earned my second stripe on my white belt, and am starting to slow down, breathe and plan my moves during rolls.

Here’s a few thoughts of what I’ve learned so far:

  1. Plan your next move.  Most of the time I still react rather than have a series of moves planned out, but I am making progress on this.
  2. Maneuver.  A strong, frontal assault will likely fail.  I am one of the strongest in the class, but this strength is often my weakness as other more experienced students spin around me, crank my neck, and/or lock my ankle.
  3. Breathe.  It is easy to tire yourself out when holding your breath.
  4. Engage multiple attacks.  Four points of control are more secure than one.
  5. Momentum.  Using your opponent’s energy, velocity vector, or attack for your own purposes is better than trying to fight them directly.

All of the above five points can apply to life in general, arguments with a spouse, or work negotiations.  I know I will keep learning and continue to be grateful to my training partners for their knowledge.  BJJ is a fascinating sport in which your partner guides you through how to choke them best.

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