If you are like me, my dopamine levels love seeing my net worth go up! My wife and I have been tracking our net worth for about seven years now. We migrated from a spreadsheet on our laptop to using Google Sheets. I know, I know: this can open a can of worms regarding the privacy/security of Google “knowing” how much I have in certain funds (I’m sure Sergei Brin keeps hitting F5 on his laptop when I type…).

This workbook has grown over time and today it houses seven sheets. I have tabs for Analysis, Net Worth over Time, Assets, Liabilities, LES template (aka what my paycheck breakdown looks like), Investment Template, and an estimated Retirement Income. The Investment Template came as a free download from one early retirement couple’s book, but I can’t recall who they are or what their book is.

The key functions in Google Sheets are importxml() and GOOGLEFINANCE(“TICKER SYMBOL”). Basically if you put the number of shares you have in one column and use the formula above to pull the price, you can multiply these columns to get the value of your holdings.

For those of you federal workers that have TSP shares (G, F, C, S, I or the lifecycle funds), the ability to track your holdings has changed slightly due to the TSP website’s changing of its share price history. To wit.

Here is the sheet for you to copy. Let me know if you have questions on how to use.

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