For the last two years I have been doing a subjective assessment of progress made toward my goals once the new year hits. Recently James Clear and Paula Pant have done 2018 reviews so I thought what better format to document my progress in 2018. Here goes.

  1. Books read – Read 36 books. This includes graphic novels, Audible books, and Kindle editions, but not books about dragons that my kids made.
  2. Weight lifted – Finally migrated from the Starting Strength Novice program (thanks Atlanta Barbell!) to the (various) Intermediate programs. I implemented the Texas Method, then the 4 Day Texas Method, then found the beta Strength Club site and transitioned to Heavy Light Medium (HLM) for older trainees. You wait till you turn 37. I also purchased my own squat rack and set of plates so now I work out in the garage in winter. I really need to find a bar heater…Heaviest lifts of the year:
    1. Squat 5×335
    2. Bench 5×245
    3. Press 3×180 (thank you 2″ diameter large washers from Amazon)
    4. Deadlift 5×435
    5. Clean 3×195
  3. Blog posts – Bought my own domain and created this blog. Also migrated from Namecheap to WordPress. I found the number of clicks to get from logging on to Namecheap to editing a post to be inversely proportional to the desire to blog. I figured if I’m going to use the WordPress theme I might as well just use WordPress dot com.
  4. Family – Took family trips to Orlando, Atlanta, and the backwoods of upstate New York. Got two out of three sons on skis. Minimum crying involved.
  5. Finances – Two thousand eighteen was the fifth year in a row that we contributed the max to three retirement accounts. We didn’t save much in cash, but did add a bit to our taxable account. End of the year market roller coastering (definitely a word) lowered net worth about 6%, but viewing it as ETFs on sale.
  6. Work – Your tax dollars at work: the military has seen fit to give me orders through retirement. So I have that going for me, which is nice. Also, finally moved out west after interviewing for jobs for about 1,480 days.

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.

Yogi Berra
  1. Books
    1. Read 12 nonfiction books
    2. Read over 20 fiction books
  2. Personal strength:
    1. Squat 345
    2. Bench 265
    3. Press 185
    4. Deadlift 445
  3. Blog: Debate with myself over whether or not to implement ads, Patreon, PayPal, or homing pigeon with a leather pouch to increase personal side hustle. Maybe start with blogging once per week.
  4. Family: Oldest received snap circuits for Christmas, so I will continue to teach all three boys about programming, computers, and electronics. When you have three degrees with the word ‘engineering’ in them, you kinda want to teach your kids about James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday, and Carl Friedrich Gauss, without them realizing it. Oh, and visit family, who keep getting older.
  5. Finances: Continue to max out retirement accounts. Add precision to “emergency fund” by specifying savings purpose. Continue to invest in taxable portfolio.
  6. Work: This year is the year to get promoted. Then they will just expect more of me, probably in the form of additional duties such as Cubicle Architect, Cybersecurity Email Engineer, and Backronym Generator.

I forget where I read this, but someone made a team and their motto was “make progress slowly” or something snazzy in Latin. So, if Google Translate is to be believed, this year my motto will be Tardius proficere in honor of slow gains.

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