Yesterday was Christmas and with that holiday brings all the trappings: decorations, a tree, ‘presents, lots of food, and the release to Netflix of the blockbuster hit Avengers: You’ve Been Waiting Ten Years for This.  I saw the movie in theaters in May and again on a plane this summer before watching about an hour of it last night before bed.  Here are some thoughts on watching the opening scenes (with help from all the fan theories and rants I’ve seen on reddit):

  • Loki must have a plan.  He is no idiot and he probably could have gotten away if he wouldn’t have spoken to Thanos.  He just saw him trounce the Hulk, so why talk?  Why pull a dagger?  Here’s to hoping he’s alive.
  • The Scarlet Witch and Vision romance is slightly annoying.  We are going through scenes where Team Thanos are attacking the Asgardians, Earth, and elsewhere and we cut to “I love you despite you being a super-Android.  Let’s run away together.”
  • Just like Loki, Hulk’s reticence to appear after his trouncing must be more than fear.  Maybe he has a bigger plan?
  • Why did Tony Stark pull on the strings of his sweatshirt?  Did that act activate his nanoparticles?  Pepper was wearing a similar style sweatshirt; does she also have particles on her person for insurance?
  • Thor was full of ego and assholism while on the Guardians ship.  He barely discussed what happened with the GotG before rummaging through their ship for supplies.  If they would have made a joint plan together maybe Gamora wouldn’t have died.
  • Why didn’t Gamora think of a backup plan, such as telling Quill or something?  If nothing else, split the team again and go to Vormir.
  • It is not realistic that a former Russian spy can hold her own against Proxima Midnight.
  • Should Wong care about the Sanctum Santorum?  Couldn’t he have helped, whether in Wakanda, Titan, or anywhere?

More thoughts to come.

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